About Us


Wild Turkeys – Photo by Michael Scollins

SBLT Mission:

  1. Cooperate with other land conservation organizations and willing land owners to conserve significant tracts of undeveloped land in South Burlington, especially in the Southeast Quadrant (SEQ).
  2. Collaborate with City officials and citizens to implement the South Burlington Open Space Strategy (April 2002).
  3. Support continued agricultural uses of land in South Burlington and adjoining towns.
  4. Promote responsible residential, commercial, and transportation development in South Burlington and neighboring cities and towns.
  5. Disseminate information and resources to land owners and residents regarding the value of the City’s natural, conserved and agricultural lands.
  6. Work with adjoining towns on land conservation projects to preserve forests, wetlands, and other natural areas for long term preservation, low impact recreation, wildlife corridors, and to maintain or improve water quality.
  7. Participate in South Burlington planning and development review activities as an organization advocating the preservation of our natural resources and open spaces.

Board of Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors made up of South Burlington citizens, oversees the activities of the South Burlington Land Trust. Members serve three year terms and include the following individuals:

  • Sarah Dopp, President
  • Michael Mittag, Treasurer
  • Karen Ryder, Secretary
  • Rosanne Greco
  • Sophie Mazowita
  • Elizabeth Milizia
  • Allan Strong
  • Penne Tompkins

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board or participating in our activities please contact Sarah Dopp at (802) 985-3581 or email the treasurer, Michael Mittag, at treasurer@sblt.org.


Board meetings are generally held on the last Wednesday of each month and are open to the public. Meetings are scheduled at 4:45 pm at Northfield Savings Bank at 1120 Shelburne Road. It is best to call Sarah Dopp (802) 985-3581 to confirm dates and times as there are periodic schedule changes.

Thank You’s

  • To the City of South Burlington staff, past and present, for all of their support.
  • To Northfield Savings Bank, Shelburne Road Branch, for providing meeting space.
  • To Fatline Studios, Milton, Vermont (Vanessa and Eric) for website design.
  • To Donna Harley, South Burlington, for the SBLT cattail logo.
  • To Ellen Powell and other SBLT members for sharing their photographs of South Burlington.
  • To all SBLT members for their support and hard work.

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